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Ringrone Books is a small independent book publisher owned by Charles Vivian Art & Antiques

Books published by Ringrone Books:

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The Ballingaddy Find

by Charles Vivian

An English Family holidaying in Ireland find a small Viking Hoard deposited on a Co Cork cliff top over a thousand years previously. They discover that under the law, all such treasure belongs to the State. In connivance with the local landowner they smuggle the artefacts to England for valuation and possible sale.

"A great read, I couldn't put it down";
"More twists and turns than an Irish country road";
"A fascinating insight into how the auction trade works".

The Ballingaddy Find can be ordered for 10 euros a copy plus postage, by contacting us on or from your local bookshop using the ISBN No. 978-0-9558500-0-4

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The Diaries of Frances Otway, 1868-1877

edited by Sarah Vivian

Frances Otway was born in Rathmullan House, Co Donegal to Caesar George Otway and Elizabeth (nee Batt of the prosperous Belfast banking family).

Transcribed from the handwritten journals of Frances Otway, written when she was between the ages of 20 and 25 and living with her widowed mother, her brother and sister in Pembroke Road, Dublin, the period covers her engagement and marriage to Francis Albert Waller (founder of F.A. Waller of Banagher, Co. Offaly), youngest son of William Waller of Prior Park, Co. Tipperary and a great grandson of Arthur Guinness.

Giving an insight into how a lady in Victorian Dublin passed the time socialising, charitable work and visiting friends and relatives around the country, her inner thoughts provide observations of the social, economic, political and religious conditions of the time.

They are embellished with historical footnotes and illustrations bringing this period of history to life.

"Great book, really interesting insight into the 19th century daily life of a young gentlewoman"

The Diaries of Frances Otway can be only be ordered directly from Ringrone Books at 10.00 euros plus postage. Please contact

Ringrone Books: About
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